Dryers and Flakers

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Our drum dryer machines consist of one or more revolving internally heated drums, on which a thin layer of wet material is applied to the drums for removal of moisture. The heat is transferred by conduction through the metal wall of the drum. The dried product is scraped from the surface of the drum by a pressure sensitive adjustable blade assembly. The finished product falls down into the hopper or onto the conveyor(s) for final processing.*

Our flakers work on the same principles as our drum dryers, with one exception, a chilled drum is used rather than a heated one. The material is applied to the drum using a dip pan or by applying the material using an applicator roll or by spraying the material onto the drum. The material adheres to the drum through the chilling process. The flaked product is then removed from the polished surface of the drum by a pressure sensitive, adjustable blade assembly. The finished product falls down into a hopper or onto our conveyor(s) for final processing.**

Whatever your drying needs or challenges you are facing with production, we have solutions that can help you reduce the costs that accompany the handling and  shipping risks associated with  liquids products!

We offer an extensive range of standard size machines.....we also custom build machines to your exact specifications and production needs - including the following:

  • Stainless steel conveyor(s)
  • Gas, oil fired boilers 10 - 200 BHP
  • Chillers (Flakers)
  • Drum Dryers
  • Drum Flakers
  • Custom Engineering
  • Refurbishing
  • Used Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Parts



 * Product applications: food additives, cereals, chemicals, plastics, animal by-products, waste (sewage), corn and potato by-products, paints, pharmaceuticals, hazardous and caustic liquids, and Styrofoam resin recycling.
**Product applications: adhesives, wax, soap, sulphur (molten), sodium sulfides, fertilizers, polyethylene glycol, and pharmaceuticals.


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